DEWORMING DAY 08.08.2019

Our school observed ‘Deworming Day’ on 8 August, 2019 for Classes I to XII to give our students a “Worm Free Childhood”. This initiative by our school is in accordance to the National Deworming Day launched by the team from Primary Health Department, Government of India to make every child in the country worm free.

According to WHO, children are most vulnerable to worm infections, as their immune system is not yet fully developed. Untreated worm infections cease children’s healthy growth, cause poor nutrition and reduce their capacity to concentrate and learn. A single dose of deworming treatment drastically reduces the number of worms in each child. Regular treatment contributes to good health and nutrition for children of school age, which in turn leads to increased enrolment and attendance, reduced class repetition and better educational attainment.

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