The objective of this field visit to the Rasipuram Railway Station was to create an awareness about the transport facility used by most of the people in our country. It helps the pupils to get hands-on experience to observe how people travel. The pupils observed the ticket counter, canteen, the information boards displaying the time and name of the trains, waiting rooms available on the platform for passengers, the guard who waves the green flag or the red flag as a signal for the engine driver etc. The pupils also observed different types of trains i.e., Passenger trains and Goods trains.

Activities at the Railway Station

Activity 1: The children were asked to observe the architecture of the Rasipuram station.

Activity 2: Each student was given Rs.10 and was made to stand in the queue to get their own platform ticket. They read the details printed on the ticket.

Activity 3: The children were taken inside the station, and were asked to listen to the announcements being given. They read the schedule boards for the trains that were arriving. They saw an electric train and a goods train too! They were also shown the platform numbers.

Activity 4: Post snack time, learners were taken into the Coach of Train.

Overall, it was a full-fledged learning experience for our students.

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