“To achieve and maintain high standards in education, discipline, cultural and overall development by providing quality education for all round development to make human being with perfection”

In imparting education, the school aims to guide the students through a system beyond pure academic achievement into development of the total personality. The focal point in this development process is the inculcation of attitudes that leads the child to unfold naturally into a well-balanced individual who will effectively meet the challenges of the world, as well as contribute responsibly to global growth.

It is believed that the environment provided by the cultural and religious diversity, which is a policy of the school, furnishes an important factor in fostering unification and brotherhood. The faculty/student ratio is 1:25. Actual class size in the Upper School averages 30 students. Among the total student population, over 150 boarding students bring international friendships and cultural diversity to the campus.

Surrounded by mountains, the climate is pleasant, offering year-round charming weather, with opportunity for study and recreation outdoors. The campus consists of tenures of land and has three buildings of beautiful design.

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